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12 December 2016

Whereas one is generally discouraged from engaging in loose discussions about politics, I think 2016 can clearly be identified as a year during which politics and indirect tax became inextricably linked because of the now infamous "Brexit" vote in the UK a few months back. Though it is likely to...

24 October 2016

Years-long downturn may be giving way to new exploration, improved cash flowIt’s no surprise that the global mining industry has endured a difficult few years, and for many mining companies, optimism has been in short supply. Persistently low commodity prices, waning demand and tightening capital...

19 October 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of BDO’s Indirect Tax News.  As mentioned in the introductory note to our last publication, the introduction of a VAT regime in the Gulf States is fast approaching and BDO International is working closely with the Managing Partners of our Member Firms in the United...

14 August 2016

BDO is delighted to present our third quarterly report for 2016, examining mid-market M&A activity across 17 major regions and selected sectors around the world.Our team in Brazil has prepared a special feature for this edition of Horizons. As proud hosts of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, they...

24 July 2016

In this issue of AITN, our feature article takes a look at the Philippines' Revenue Memorandum Orders pertaining to investigations into the capacity of parties to acquire and hold property We also provide our insight on the much anticipated tax amnesty bill in Indonesia and Malaysia's tax audit...

31 May 2016

In the history of economics, spectacular innovations have always been groundbreaking events.

09 May 2016

This publication describes the business environment in the Philippines and outlines the financial and legal implications of running, or working for, a Philippine business owned by foreign interests. The most important issues are included, but it is not feasible to discuss every subject in detail...

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